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Getting Started as a Premium Member

Welcome to Premium Membership! This page outlines some of the most popular Premium features on Waymarking.com.

You can also see a full list of Waymarking.com Premium Features or learn about Premium features on Geocaching.com.

Create Categories and Manage Groups

The Waymarking directory contains categories that focus on a specific type of location. Categories range from "Fishing Holes" to "Abstract Public Sculptures."

Premium Membership on Waymarking.com allows you to join a group and create new waymarking categories. Each new Waymarking categories is created by a Group consisting of at least three Premium Members. After your category is approved by the community, your Group will be responsible for approving new Waymark listings which are submitted to the category.

Participate in Peer Review

All Premium Members can be involved with the category creation process by reviewing, voting and commenting on potential categories before they are placed in the directory.

When a Group submits a new waymarking category, Premium Members have 3 days to review it. Premium Members' evaluation of the category will determine whether it is officially added as a new category on Waymarking.com.

Organize Your Favorites

Premium Members can mark categories as Favorites or choose to Ignore them. To add a category to your list of Favorites or Ignores, click the thumbs up (Favorite) or thumbs down (Ignore) icon on the category page.

Selecting a category as a favorite makes it easy to find on later visits to the site; simply clicking "Favorites" in the right sidebar under "My Categories." Ignoring a category removes it from search results so that you won't be bothered by categories in which you have no interest.

Rate Waymarks

Only Premium Members have the ability to rate waymarks that they have visited. When you log your waymarking visit, you will see the drop-down menu "Rate this waymark (optional)." Rate the waymark anywhere from "1 star – hated it" to "5 stars – loved it."

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